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Last week was Desperation Conference 2013. Let me say…

IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

desperation conference 2013

There is just something about dancing like David did, in worship that restores your joy. Not just any joy, but abundant, exuberant, scream till you loose your voice, amazing, outstanding joy.
Worshiping with my two teenagers was indescribable. The conference lasted three days. Full of fun, the Word and building life long commitments to God. Totally changed my two teens. It changed me and restored that burning fire within.

Desperation+Band+DPYou’d never tell, I’m a 40 year old Mom..(yep, 40)
Going back to church with the “older” crowd..(just kidding) felt lacking. My spirit hungered for more. Driven with that hunger for more of God and exuberant praise, I hoped this morning to catch some of it at the 9am service at New Life Church with the Desperation Band. I was saddened to find it boring? I’m not sure why..maybe all the older groups should go to a Desperation conference. LOL

The service had 30 minutes of worship, way shorter than what we used to have there, 50-60 minutes of passionate worship. It felt..complacent?
Due to our car crash and no vehicle this last month, we have missed out on church at St James and I know my spirit was bone dry. Even being on the worship team there came to a screeching stop.

My teen daughter was catching up with a friend after the first service at New Life and doing a sleep over. This friend is special to her, Ariana and her Family lost their home to the Black Forest Fire. I’ve know them for over 10 years. After worship for NLC at 9am I dropped off her bag at the front desk for her to pick up after service and headed home to get the rest of the fam up to go to St. James(my husband really wanted to get back to worshiping there)

I have always found Pastor Ted’s teaching to “hit the nail on the head” every single time. This week, as it’s been, what, 4-5 weeks? since we have been back to St. James? His teaching HIT HOME. The worship at St. James was better than ever..better, dare I say, than Desperation band. (Did I say that?)

Worship had me bawling like a little child. The anger I have had within me for weeks upon weeks just broke into tears..a waterfall of tears. I could not stop it. The sweetness of the Spirit and the Love I felt within me from my God, my Master and King, just washed over me and the anger Tearmelted into a fountain of tears.

At the “greet one another and say Hi” moment directly after worship, Ted rushed over to me and said “Welcome home!” He said he was so happy to see us and have us back..and gave my head a hug like a Dad does to a daughter that came home from College or something. Wow. I still am crying over that one. With my Dad gone, and no family to speak of in Colorado, that MEANT SOOOO MUCH. Oh, here they come again……

His message hit so close to home..spoke to the questions I’ve been asking God for answers for..and confirmed some important words of wisdom my heart needed to hear.

Here is a recap:

“By being responsible, obeying the rules and doing what is right, you avoid causing yourself trouble down the road that could cause a chain reaction that would change history for you and your family. Bad ideas cause tirany and poverty. ~~Foolishness

“Live out with good decisions and counter what others say about you. That in turn will prove their own foolishness and prove you worthy.”
“Respect everyone, be a friend, obey the rules, do not judge anyone, love and pray for them instead.”

“Got a Chronic issue in your life? Find the core issue, resolve it and see the consequences of that problem to drop out of your history and future.”

“Be who you want your kids to be, live by example”

“Responsible behavior directly will change your future”

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