Let it GO!

I have known God since I was 3..or as long as I can remember. But in the last 37 years I can remember, I have always remained under the stigma of what a “Christian” should look like.

Well, something happened, and I was once again, rejected by a christian leader because of an unexpected emotional overload I experienced recently. Expected more, I guess. Prayer? Support? Compassion?

Anyway, after a few days, and a lot calmer, I went to see Frozen the movie with my husband and my youngest daughter..and it spoke to me deeply.  I watched Elsa transform and forget her fear she had lived under for her who life. She was afraid to let her real self show because of the judgement others would have over her..and condemn her. I realized that is how I feel about what I love to do and the Christian community around me.

Elsa transformsI am an actress..but more than that, I’m a creative like Elsa! With a super power of my own.

I love wearing costumes and wings. Fairy wings, butterfly wings, bird wings, angel wings, you name it! And I love designing them! I have always wanted to feel what it’s like to fly. I love portraying amazing characters. It is how I express who I really am..extra ordinary! It is my gift.

Now, I don’t identify with those creatures..but I find it intensely fun to role play them. I spent years as a kid being punished for playing around..until I lost my imagination altogether. I became a work-a-holic and forgot how to have fun.

So here is my proclamation to the world around me..specifically my Christian friends. If you think I’m wacked..sorry, maybe I am, but I love LOVE what I do. If you think I need psychological help..well I think you do too!
I love role playing winged creatures..and if that bothers you, pray for me..but stay out of my path..cause, world, HERE I COME..AND I’M GONNA FLY!!! I’m not gonna pay attention to what they say anymore. I’m gonna LET IT GO!

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