Hello, I’m Susan

Susan AdamsI am a super creative that loves to playwith code, create websites and just about any craft medium out there. I’m a wife and mother.  I like playing with code on my down time.

There is so much that it was essential to show you all in one website a display of what I’ve done with some explanation. A few other hats I hang on my head: social media consultant, web design student, widget designer for web, Facebook developer, jewelry designer, costumer and seamstress, children’s character and actress, musician, singer, lover of the arts, social “butterfly”, home school-er,  science geek, code monkey, bubble artist, mom, health nut and the list is growing.

Some call me an over achiever….nah! I just love exploring possibilities and see what is beyond the boundary of my own little world.  Most see life for it’s limitations, I see life for it’s possibilities.

As a mom, I like being flexible. My kids should think I’m cool, not embarrassed to be seen with me. The older I get, the more I realize how they see me, is how they will see the world. Exploring your possibilities can make your life an exciting adventure!

I invite you to friend me on Facebook(That’s where I hang the most) and come back often to see what new stuff I’m up to. (Cause there’s alot, not a boring person, I promise you)

It was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you around! If you need my help with anything, I’m just a click away! Make sure to explore my websites, I add new ones as I work on them(some are mine, some are clients). Subscribe to my news, it comes in your email and is not annoying, I have many blogs to post on, so my personal log will be last on the to do list.



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