Heart of the Matter

giving your heartGiving is often a hard definition. It is a matter of the heart. There are different types of love and giving and how it affects the heart of both parties.

Giving without sacrifice is really NOT a gift at all. It’s like a white elephant gift. It is recycled and composed of something you don’t want. Nothing was sacrificed. Therefore, the value of the gift was almost null.

Giving something..whether it’s monetary or of the heart (real love for instance) will require very important elements and the value is of the highest you can fathom. It will require a risk of being hurt and it will require you to give something YOU value or need. It comes from the soul.

diamond heartsThese types of gifts are often rare and the selfish human nature does not like or understand it. It takes courage and a great deal of love.

The type of gift, whether selfless or selfish, will determine your character. You can spot a selfish gift by the announcement of it being given so that attention will be brought to the giver. Where as a selfless gift will be given in secret and will require great sacrifice. There is also a risk of being hurt or rejected by the receiver, sometimes even miss understood. But take heart, and persevere.

A true gift of selfless love will take time. So be patient. Even if the world never finds out about your gift and sacrifice..that is OK. Because..God sees everything. And He loves a cheerful giver.

It’s like a parent watching their child be compassionate and loving toward a bully..It’s an amazing moment of joy for that parent. That is how He feels when He see’s us be a reflection of who He TRULY is. Selfless.

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