Christ Follower, NOT a christian

My 16 year old son ran across a post in a Yahoo forums with hate quotes made by what they called “real” christians bashing gay groups. And it ticked him off..frankly, it ticked me off too. One of my best friends from High School is gay. And you know what..I totally accept him. OH, did I mention I’m a Christ Follower..What?

You know, what you and I choose to do or how we live our lives does not define us. I am defined by who I am in Him, not my past, my present or by what I choose to do with my life. The things I do on a day to day basis may surprise you. They are definitely “outside the box” of  your norm. My husband described me as “non-moldable” At least from society standards, anyway. And in some christian communities, I am also shunned for my passion.

Why do I say I’m not a christian? Because the bad name that “Christians” have made for them selves. They bash others, kill those that “fall from grace” and shun those they deem unacceptable. They don’t want to be labeled with scandal or malice. They treat it like a contagious disease that needs to be stamped out. You know who your true friends are when trouble and difficulty comes. Those that truly love you will stand by you no matter if they agree with you or not. They may say something, but those that truly portray the REAL Christ, will not shun you or reject you.

No one is without sin. And sin is sin, doesn’t matter what they did or are doing, they are forgiven by Christ, who died on the cross for that sin so that we might live and not be bound to death by the law of the old testament.

I have known Christ since I was 3..possibly younger. He found me, not I found Him. My parents were not christians and didn’t really walk a straight life at all. You will find most “Christians” don’t and won’t live up to the world’s expectations. Part of the reason why the world is treating Christians with such disdain is because of the way that Christians are treating others that don’t live up to their standards or ideals.  I have little tolerance for intolerant “Christians”. Those that call themselves as such and shun, reject, judge and condemn are NOT “real” even in the least way. They don’t portray Christ at all and don’t really know the God I know.

Love endures all thingsHe is loving, accepting, full of grace, a friend, loves at all times, will not leave or forsake you no matter what. So, if we who believe in Him, are to be a reflection of Him, and mirror Him, we should do the same for others. Even still, no matter if they choose a gay lifestyle, Wicca beliefs or don’t believe in God at all, they still need to be accepted and loved, no matter what. That is a true friend, that is my God.

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