A New House

This past couple of weeks has been a long and tough journey of transition. I have successfully moved my family to a new home, moved my office and my husband’s office, and restored the previous residence to better standards than when we found it two and a half years ago. Boy, was that a trial in itself.

Did I mention, we are not unpacked yet? The house is a grand 2700 square foot house. The basement is not finished yet, and we have made an arrangement with the owner to rent for three years..and then buy it. During which time, we will finish the basement paying for all the labor costs in exchange for a $100 less rent per month locked in rate. Good deal!

Well, setting up shop in an unfinished basement is not an easy one when you know you have to move it in a month or so. Still trying to figure that one out.

At the same time, I have orders to finish, new ones to start, and a shop that wanted to carry my wings for Halloween. Um..well, I am not sure about that last one, as it’s pretty late in Oct to try to make and sell them.

I’m hoping to set up shop again today. One step at a time, right?

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What it takes to start a business

I’m an Artisan.

Definition: A worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand

Many of us who sell our crafts online tend to be overlooked by the “white/blue” collar professionals as “not a real job”. Oh, I admit, there are a bunch out there only wanting to sell the occasional doily or beaded bracelet. That, however, is not me.

Victorian silver leaf purple crystal lucite flower necklace and earring setI have run an online craft business for 3 years very successfully. 2 years offline before that. I have made over $10,000 doing it in that span of time and have a full 5 star rating on all my sites: ebay, etsy, artfire, facebook, wordpress.

How do you become successful at selling crafts? Well, there are some essentials to making it work! First, you have to set up yourself a real work schedule just as if you were working a white/blue collar job. Stick to it too! Running a small self sustained business takes dedication and lots of time! For many women, they get overlooked as having a real business when they sell their crafts. Every business starts small. Never overlook your possibilities.

Every small businessman knows, you, as an owner, wear all the hats: book keeper, accountant, manager, designer, website designer, booky, secretary, social media manager, content manager, etc..You have to use your time wisely and some of your tasks are tedious and very very time consuming.


Hold firm to your work schedule. Know when to say no! and when to say yes!

When I started my business, and really starting thinking very honestly and seriously about it, I decided to take courses for jump starting your business from the local small business bureau sponsored by Colorado State University. The classes were fairly short and packed with vital info I still reference today. I am thankful I took them.

Now that I’m a craft business mentor on Artfire.com, hosting over 150,000 shops worldwide, and the original creator of It’s Better Handmade, with over 41,100,000 indexed links to, from and about, I have learned and am now teaching others how to be successful online with their own small businesses.

Many crafters who seriously turn their hobbies into businesses, start out crafting for the emotional therapy it gives, the peace and self gratification, and the support from others in your circle of artisans.  Some cannot work, some don’t do well in the traditional work force, and others struggle with their health. The last class are usually stay at home wives and mothers that either want to help with the income or want to have money for themselves to play with(without taxing the family funds).

I have one suggestion..to those who are starting a business to make money, don’t! Do it because you love it, and then you will find success because you love what you do.

Suggested Reading: 7 Ways to make Sure Your Online Business Fails

The keys to a successful business such as ours, include several key elements from a psychological standpoint: Don’t let anyone put your business down or tell you, you won’t be successful. Don’t give it a thought, however, be honest with yourself to the hard work ahead of you. Have faith and the determination you can and don’t listen to the small inner voice that says you can’t. Put your business at a high priority and focus on one at a time, don’t try to do more than one job/business at a time. It is sure to fail if you do. (Personal experience talking)

When it comes to working in the force outside the home,  working at a job locally for a measly $7.23 per hour or working at home making $20-30 per hour(if done right), I will take the craft business..The pro’s and benefits emotionally, psychologically and financially far outweigh the cons. Every business takes a little hit upfront to start out. But you will recover it, I promise you. Don’t think you will be a rich man right away. It takes time to build clientele.

Are you an Artfire Artisan? Read the 45 Day Success Guide

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Hello, I’m Susan

Susan AdamsI am a super creative that loves to playwith code, create websites and just about any craft medium out there. I’m a wife and mother.  I like playing with code on my down time.

There is so much that it was essential to show you all in one website a display of what I’ve done with some explanation. A few other hats I hang on my head: social media consultant, web design student, widget designer for web, Facebook developer, jewelry designer, costumer and seamstress, children’s character and actress, musician, singer, lover of the arts, social “butterfly”, home school-er,  science geek, code monkey, bubble artist, mom, health nut and the list is growing.

Some call me an over achiever….nah! I just love exploring possibilities and see what is beyond the boundary of my own little world.  Most see life for it’s limitations, I see life for it’s possibilities.

As a mom, I like being flexible. My kids should think I’m cool, not embarrassed to be seen with me. The older I get, the more I realize how they see me, is how they will see the world. Exploring your possibilities can make your life an exciting adventure!

I invite you to friend me on Facebook(That’s where I hang the most) and come back often to see what new stuff I’m up to. (Cause there’s alot, not a boring person, I promise you)

It was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you around! If you need my help with anything, I’m just a click away! Make sure to explore my websites, I add new ones as I work on them(some are mine, some are clients). Subscribe to my news, it comes in your email and is not annoying, I have many blogs to post on, so my personal log will be last on the to do list.



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